FAQs for NHS site teams

How are patient expenses reimbursed?

Any expenses arising from patient visits, such as travel or refreshments, should be claimed back from the R&D department at your NHS Trust. A set amount of funding is provided for each participant recruited, whether or not it is used for that participant, and therefore reimbursement for expenses can be distributed by your R&D as required from the funding allocation.

Can participants take part in more than one clinical trial? 

The answer to this is that it depends on which trials are being considered!  In CHIEF-PD, we don’t preclude people taking part in other trials but many trial protocols do specify no co-enrolment. Being in more than one study at a time however can get complex. It’s more difficult to e.g. differentiate what’s caused the problem. Ultimately, it’s a decision for the participant and the PIs are well placed to guide them on the burdens and potential benefits. Our team here are happy to try and provide an opinion on any known or potential interactions that rivastigmine might have with new drugs or devices.

What happened at the end of August 22 with regard to recruitment? 

We continued! This necessitated some changes to the protocol and follow-up for at least an interim period. Dr Henderson explained these in the PI meetings and via email to all PIs.

When is the next site / PI meeting? 

We will keep you informed of the next date. You will be emailed a Teams link and we’ll look forward to seeing you there.