The CHIEF-PD Trial

An older woman and older man wearing jeans shirts and hats walking along a gravel path on a sunny day, holding hands.

The Cholinesterase Inhibitors to Prevent Falls in Parkinson’s (CHIEF-PD) Trial is a medical research trial examining whether drugs normally used to treat people with memory problems can be used to reduce the number of falls that people with Parkinson’s experience.

Across 39 NHS hospital sites in the UK, we enrolled 600 people with Parkinson’s who had experienced a fall in the previous year. This makes CHIEF-PD the largest trial of a novel drug treatment in Parkinson’s ever conducted in the UK. The data collection part of the trial has now come to an end and our team are now preparing the data for analysis.

CHIEF-PD is part of the Ageing and Movement Research Group‘s work at Bristol Medical School (Population Health Sciences).