Meet the Team

Chief Investigator:  Dr Emily Henderson

Photo of Dr Emily Henderson, a white woman with short brown hair and glasses, against a green grass background.

Emily is a Consultant Geriatrician working at the Royal United Hospitals Foundation Trust Bath.  She is also Honorary Consultant Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol. As Chief Investigator she has overall responsibility for the conduct of the trial across the UK. Read more about Emily’s research trials with the Older People’s Unit at the Royal United Hospitals Bath here .


Trial Manager: Dr Sandra Neumann 

A photo of Dr Sandra Neumann, a white woman with long blond hair against a green background of trees.

Sandra is the CHIEF-PD Trial Manager working at the University of Bristol. As trial manager she is responsible for the day-to-day management of the trial across the UK. She has a background in Neuroscience, and has undertaken research in various domains of health research including pain, blood pressure and more.


Trial Administrator: Alison Bamford

A photo of Alison Bamford. A white woman with long blond hair and glasses, wearing a black top.

Alison is the Trial Administrator and has extensive experience in administration. She has a background in the cultural sector, and has worked across the University of Bristol for the last five years. She has supported a range of different Higher Education projects, with a particular focus on event organisation and communications.


PPI: Diana Steeds

A photo of Di Steeds. An older white woman with short grey hair wearing a blue scarf. Di’s role is to speak on issues concerning the patients who volunteer in the trial and on matters involving the public. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2006 and volunteered to take part in the earlier ReSPonD Trial. She has taught Biochemistry and Scientific Communication, copy edited the European Journal of Biochemistry and designed and made puppets for professional performance.



Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo

A photo of Prof Yoav Ben-Shlomo. A man with short brown hair wearing glasses.

Yoav is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Bristol. He has a research interest in neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia and multiple sclerosis. He is also known for his research on life course influences on ageing and chronic diseases. He has worked on equity of access to health care and is part of research teams supporting the National Joint Register and the Renal Registry.

Professor William Hollingworth

A photo of Prof Will Hollingworth. A man with short dark hair against a black background.

William is Professor of Health Economics at the University of Bristol. He has particular interests in the economic evaluation of diagnostic tests and interventions for low back pain and sciatica, but collaborates widely with colleagues with interests in other clinical topics including cancer care, public health prevention, mental health and child health.


Professor Chris Metcalfe

A photo of Prof Chris Metcalfe. A man with short dark hair against a black background.

Chris is Professor of Medical Statistics at the University of Bristol. He provides statistical expertise or supervision to a number of major research studies. These have included a study of training shop-keepers aimed at reducing pesticide self-poisoning in Sri Lanka, the FITNET study, and the ROMIO study, comparing surgical techniques for oesophagectomy in the treatment of cancer.


Dr Alan Whone

A photo of Dr Alan Whone. A man with short grey hair, a beard and glasses in a hospital setting. Alan is a Consultant Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol and leads a programme of research in Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders at the Bristol Brain Centre, Southmead Hospital. Since 2010 Alan has been Principal Applicant or Co-applicant on £5-million of peer reviewed grant funding (Parkinson’s UK, NIHR) and £1 million of industry or local charities research funding.